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SACS Summer Project  

Package for Our Troops

Pam's son, Capt Matthew Otterstedt, is being deployed to the Middle East.
We’d like to send a SACS Care Package to his unit.
Please bring items to next SACS Meeting on July 6.

Potential Donations:

Money for postage
Letters & Photos
Baked Goods: Keep in mind that not all baked goods will survive the transit time and temperature changes en route to the care package’s final destination.
Packaged Snacks: Snacks in cans or jars to prevent crushing. Beef jerky, tuna, trail mixes, gum, Pringles, candy that won’t melt and well-packaged cookies and crackers are safe bets.
Personal Items:  (Travel sized) Shampoo, body wash, hand sanitizer, deodorant, sunscreen (non-aerosol), toothpaste, lip balm, foot powder, throat lozenges, baby wipes, gel insoles, etc.
Things to Do:  Paperbacks, magazines and crosswords puzzles, new ear buds, batteries, DVDs and iTunes gift cards, pens, notepads, stationery and envelopes.
Clothing: Caps, socks (not white).