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SACS Fall Project 

Support Hurricane Victims 

through Heart to Heart

HHI Responds to Hurricane Harvey, Irma & Maria

HHI has medical teams in Texas and Puerto Rico, responding to victims of Hurricane Harvey and Hurricane Maria. Upon arrival in Puerto Rico, the teams immediately traveled into the mountains, to some of the hardest hit and most remote locations. Many towns had not seen any aid workers until Heart to Heart International volunteers arrived. These teams have been providing medical care in hospitals, clinics, shelters and in homes of people unable to leave. The needs of Puerto Ricans in these areas are great, and HHI is responding with medicine, hygiene supplies, and in some cases, delivering food and water from FEMA. Meanwhile, the medical teams in Texas are helping to staff multiple clinics and working with those clinics to create long-term plans for community health care accessibility.

  Heart to Heart International

Click on the HHI link to donate.